21 Dec 2010

Alien Spider Monster

Here is a quick taster of a project I'm working on at the mo. Its actually part of a training course on rigging. In this case a 15 foot tall, multi-limbed alien spider monster.




5 Nov 2010

Don Draper

This is another photoreal exercise, this time of someone more recognisable


and the mudbox sculpt...


front and side...


27 Oct 2010

Fistopia Pixel Art

Fistopia was a side project that I never finished. Basically it was an old school scrolling beat em up in the style of Double Dragon. It was to follow the visceral adventures of Fist Fistofferson as he pummelled his way through the streets of Fistopia to save his sweetheart. Or something along those lines...




22 Aug 2010

Weekly Sculpt No.1: Henchman

This is the first of my weekly sculpts. I've been very lazy for a couple of months so my plan is to bash one of these out every week. Just so that I don't get too rusty!


4 May 2010

Relentless Art Show

The Relentless art show is currently underway at the Bellis Gallery (8 – 9 Kings Road, Brighton). 9 artists are exhibiting work and I am one of them. The show runs from 1st - 23rd May. Here is a small selection of my hand painted pixel art. There is more to see at the show.

21 Apr 2010

Demon Prince completed

It took a while but the Demon Prince character is finally completed.
You can view a high res version on game artisans HERE

5 Mar 2010

Demon Prince

I have recently started a work in progress thread on http://www.gameartisans.org/ to showcase a game character that I have been working on. The thread can be found HERE

2 Feb 2010

Photo-real Head test

This was a technical exercise in trying to create a photo realistic head in 3d Studio max and Mudbox. A more in depth work in progress can be found here



17 Jan 2010

Kung Fu Master final render

It was a pretty busy christmas and new year but i managed to finish the kung fu master!

here's a video turntable of the model...