22 Nov 2009

Kung Fu Master

Here is a concept for a Hi-res 3d modelling project I'm about to start. I wanted to brush up on my sculpting skills and for the sake of technical detail I chose an elderly gentleman. I've also included the rough notepad sketches I did when designing the character. I always have a notepad next to my keyboard for brainstorming. These sketches are very crazy and loose. There are usually about 5 to 10 pages of them per character (it’s an A5 pad :)

Fable 2 Icons

In a past life I was the lead GUI artist on the Fable franchise for Xbox and Xbox 360. Although my GUI days are at an end, I do miss creating icons. I think it's the challenge of meticulously creating something pixel by pixel. Or having to communicate an idea within a 64 x 64 pixel square. Having Photoshop permanently zoomed in at 1600% isn’t fun though :). Here are some of them I created for Fable 2. Click on the image for more.


This is an illustration based on an ancient African legend. The Mamlambo is a monster that is meant to feed on the brains of indigenous tribes. It's half horse and half fish. The painting was a competition entry. I didn't win. I think it was a little too abstract and simply too bizarre. I like it though :)

Big Blue Box Ident

This was one of the first assignments I had when I started working in the games industry 6 years ago. (Back when an artist’s jobs covered everything including GUI art, special effects, modelling and animation)

Mini Squadron Logo

I recently had the pleasure of creating the logo for the awesome Iphone game Mini Squadron for my friend Tak. It’s now out so if you have an Iphone, get to the App store now and download it. For more info, go here


Here are a couple of illustrations. Both are digital paintings. The second one, "shoe hell" is featured in the book Images 33 : best of British Illustration 2009.

Some other illustration...